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The History behind Beautiful Flame & Band Members' personal musical histories

The History Of Beautiful Flame

It has often been said that the greatest things come from the smallest.  And if it hasn't, then it has now.  It was just such a small thought that served as a catalyst, although hardly for anything great.  It was a forgettable late winter's morning in early 2004, before anyone knew more than boyhood dreams and heterosexuality (unrelated), when Ed and former backup guitarist Eric were sitting in Guitar class, discussing the usual: bodily functions, fat people, sex (later to be awkwardly remembered), drugs, rock 'n' roll, livestock, school, the future, and music.  It was while on the subject of current events that Ed's ADD kicked in, and he was suddenly and randomly reminded of an idea he had been toying with like a dying mouse for some time.  He introduced the concept of a band to Eric.  Eric and the concept shook hands, and proceeded to brawl.  Ed broke the two up, and made them each apologize and hug, which lasted an unusually long amount of time.  Although Eric and the concept of a band were never on good terms, the threesome grew into a foursome when an awkward Asian was thrown into the mix.  Robert, prodigal pianist (heh, penist) and violinist was apprehensive, but he was strong-armed into joining.  He still hasn't gotten his stuffed puppy back yet.  Early in BF's prodigious history, a trumpetist some called "John" was involved, but he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.  He was reported to have recently traveled to an mysterious land, and was not heard of for some time.  Sadly, his body was found in a foreign wasteland in early 2005.  It was in the early days of the saga of Beautiful Flame that Ed served as the glue that held the band together, pouring more of his heart, soul, and being into it than any other undertaking in his life.  Although it was never "his" band, in had seemed that way for many months, as though any mistake on his part would bring the BF house of cards to the ground.  At some point early on, while on the prowl for a suitable drummer, John suggested Mike, who happened to be in Ed's math class.  Eventually Ed accosted mike, and after a few harsh words and some preliminary blows, Mike became the next member of BF.  Another early player in the shaping of BF was another guitarist and incredibly gifted singer, "Katie."  Not much was or still is known about this angelic-voiced person of diminutive stature:  Some say she ascended to a higher plane of musical being, some say she sang so well her brain was turned to mush, others simply say she left the band because she was too busy.  The last ones are probably right.  But one thing's for sure:  That was the last time Beautiful Flame had any kind of singing talent whatsoever.  It was in the brief, static, uneventful times which followed that the name "Beautiful Flame" was chosen, abandoning such endeavors as "Souls in a Jar," "J.E.R.E.M.," and "Magnatronic Funk Station Number 9."  But those carefree days ended abruptly in October of 2004.  The beaten and frayed rope of Eric's relationship with the band had grown thinner each day, plucked and shaved down by issues involving spandex and closets.  Then, the rope snapped.  In an ugly telephone conversation, Ed and Eric parted ways as band mates and as friends.  Their friendship was later restored, but on less even terms than the past three years.  Joe, a classic-rock disciple with stoner hair and a rocker's attitude, was brought in as the new guitarist, as well as a new, more serious attitude.  Robert, however, was kept, evidencing the continued presence of a collective sense of humor (apparently shared by God Himself).  It was in this time that Ed's continuous nurture of the band seemed no longer to be the only point of singularity.  It was also at this point that Ed became the least musically talented member of the band he had started so long ago, although his leadership and poetic abilities warranted his retention.  Thus, new songs were written, old ones were reworked, practice times were made rigid, and a "flogging post" was erected for Robert's transgressions.  This is unrelated to the bulk of subject matter.  The band focused on their music and their fundamental makeup and identity after that.  This website was made and launched in 2 days in early December.  Then, in early january 2005, the flame grew dimmer when Robert left as a result of his lackadaisacal nature.  He is still flogged periodically.  Not long after, the band continued to discentigrate.  Joe announced that he felt that things just were'nt working out, and formally quit.  Ed was disheartened to lose Joe's phenomenal guitar skills.  The next big development in the story of Beautiful Flame was the finding of a long-sought-after bassist, to finally round out the sound of the Flame.  Mike had known of a young man who played the bass who worshipped in the same way a carpenter who had lived 2000 years before.  He aproached this "Zach," as those in the community of carpenter-worshippers called him.  He was open to the idea of joining in the sacred order of the Flame, and an preliminary initiation ritual resulted in what was agreed upon as a positive outcome all around.  The Flame burns on....

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Members' Musical Backgrounds

Beautiful Flame frontman Ed grew up in a very musical environment.  His father sang and had played the trumpet, and his mother played the piano, guitar, and harmonica.  He had his first piano lesson at age five, and the ensuing decade was a time of constant learning and experimentation with music.  Ed never really found an instrument he liked, drifting from piano and back again, then to violin, tuba, piano again, violin again...until he discovered the guitar.  His sophomore year, Ed took a guitar class from Cumberland Valley High School, after experimenting a few times on his mother's guitar.  He learned quickly, thanks in part to the rapid track of the course and to his prior knowledge of music.  He worked every day on the guitar, continuing to do so to this very day.
He originally played on his mother's old 1970's Yamaha, until Christmas of 2004, when he received a 2004 Gibson J-45, for which he later purchased an Ibanez Troubadour amplifier, and plans have already been laid to acquire another on capable of microphone input.
He bought his first harmonica in June of 2004, a silver and black Pocket Hohner, for $7.  He got his 2nd, a silver and red Marine Hohner, in late August of that year, for $40. He got his first chanter in June of 2004, at a Celtic festival.
Ed is looking forward to whatever the future might bring, especially for his musical prospects with 3 new instruments, a rediscovered love of music, and continuously redefined band.

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Mike started playing drums in 5th grade with the snare drum, he was awesome. Soon he learned to play many auxiliary percussion instruments while playing in the middle school concert band. In 8th grade, he started playing set and joined the middle school's jazz band. In high school, Mike played in concert band for a year, and marching band for two. Freshman year, he played Bass drum, and tenors in Sophmore year in drumline. He soon realized that he was not a faggot, and not long thereafter, he quit marching band. Then, somehow, he was inducted into a random, nameless high school band. It was he that suggested the name Beautiful Flame, and still plays in the band with his five-piece Mapex Pro-M Series kit and Zildjian cymbals.

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Zach joined the band in 2005, this year. He has been playing bass for a while now. Zach played the drums but then realized you were just hitting stuff and quit.He use to play the sax for 3 years. That was gay and he quit. Zach loves rock and roll. His favorites are punk and a variety of others. He hates rap. He is currently in 10th grade, the youngest in the band. Zach is currently working on becoming a better bass player. his weapons consist of SR 485 Ibanez wooden 5 string soundgear. And has a Traynor Bass mate 10. His next goal is to learn to play the bagpipes.More to come.

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