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Beautiful Flame is based out of Mechanicsburg, PA.  It was founded in midwinter of 2003-04, and originally consisted of 4 members.  It has had a total of 8 members, 3 of whom (1 original) are currently in the band.  BF no longer consists of any homosexuals.  We are not flamers.  We have over 25 years of combined musical experience, and bring together influences from interests in a wide range of genres, including hard rock, classic rock, and pop/rock.

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Beautiful Flame currently has over a dozen completed songs, with literally scores more in the works.  We have no planned upcoming shows, as we are focusing mainly on perfecting written songs.  Currently, the only way to hear us is to come to one of our open practices, held sporadically, which you can find out more about from one of our members. 

Beautiful Flame Holds practices every Sunday from 10:00 AM until varying times of ending.  If you want us to play somewhere, find out more about us, or come listen to us at an open practice, please either contact a member personally, or E-mail us HERE.  In fact, if you aren't even interested in having us play somewhere, but you're at home and bored some sunday, just hit up Ed or Mike or Zach on their respective cell, and pop on over, just to hang out and listen.  We can get you directions.

Beautiful flame is Central Pennsylvania rock band with pop/rock influences...we guess.  Currently, it consists of 3 members:

Ed: Guitar (Acoustic)/Harmonica/Vocals/Songwriter
Mike: Drums
Zach: Bass


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