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This column will contain news about anything pertinant to Beautiful Flame.
It will be updated whenever anything of any importance happens to the band, as soon as we damn well feel like updating it.

8 January, 2006: 
The Completion of the Flame
Ed finally purchased his new amp.  He went to the music shop, only $900 in his pocket, bought a brand-new Fender Acoustasonic-30 acoustic amplifier.  It has a whole bunch of little knobs of which Ed has little understanding.  More importantly, it has a microphone input, as well as a buttload of contrtold for the microphone.  He alsop bought a Shure SM-58 microphone, 25 feet of mic cable, and a stand.  Finally, finally Beautiful Flame is able to perform anywhere, anytime.  That is why, this Monday, immediately after midterms are over, head on over to Mike's house for a mini-concert at 1.  You'll finally HEAR, drums, guitar, lyrics, and all, all of your favorites like "Snatch II," "Bloody Useless," the Lullaby, and "Friends With Benefits."  You'll also hear our newest selections, like "Dreams," and "Her Body."  So don't forget to make an appearance!
Ed, Frontman

10 January, 2006: 
A Flame burns in Mike's head!

So, I was checking the band's e-mail and found out that some freak wants to fuck me in the asshole.  However, I had to ask the question, "Can I still go poopy if I have just been fucked in the asshole?"  I sincerely hope I never find out the answer, because if I do, it clearly will not be consentual.

Mike, Drummer

8 January, 2006: 
The logo of the Flame
Ed put up the final version of the logo.
Ed, Frontman

3 January, 2006: 
The Flame Grows Again Brighter
Ed's going to get voice lessons, buy an amp made for an acoustic guitar and a mic, and but a mic and stand.  This means that, very soon, we'll be able to, after two long years, finally perform places!  He's just gotten about 20 new ideas for songs in the last week or so, and has this very night completed the melodies to two new songs.  Christmas, I think, also went pretty well for the flame.  Mike might be getting brushes soon, too.
Ed, Frontman

8 November, 2005:
The Flame Is Not Flaming
No, thast just means we're not gay.  Alot has happened in the two months since this was last updated.  About 3 new songs, all of them of quite high quality, in my unbiased opinion, have been added to the list, some parties have occured, and the band grows ever closer to performing.  All that's now needed is an amp for Ed's voice and guitar.  Oh, yeah, and Ed might not be going to college...NOT by choice.
Ed, Frontman

23 September, 2005:
The Flame-Broiled Drummer
First of all, I would like personally to apologize for Mike's actions in the last post.  Sadly, he does not realize the difference between a personal blog and a band's News page.  Anyway, at least now 2/3 of BF knows how to work on the website.  My guitar lessons are, I think hepling quite a bit, and I've almost finished up a long-worked-on song about love.  I know, I know.  Now, to beat Mike.
Ed, Frontman

23 September, 2005:

Rhythm of the Flame
What do i do, i was told i would get a biscuit if i wrote something for the site.  i think they lieing.  today i hung w/ ed and keith blow.  my lincoln survived another week, i kinda think that may not be the case by the time ski season rolls around, but for now i look like a pimp cruising in my big luxury car.  so yea, w/ the katrina and rita destroying the gulf gas prices are surging and i need to find a job.  i might b able to get a job at cd warehouse, i'm really trying to avoid working at the ymca.  apparently its a sweatshop for lifeguards.  till then, i'm just playing my drums and havin fun.
mike, drummer

20 September, 2005
Hey kiddies. It's Zach I am currently working on a song.......or 2. With, that's right, you guessed it, bass as the main part. well, thanks for your time. later
Zach, Bassist

23  August, 2005:

Bass in the Flame
Talent show was cancelled long ago, the band had practices over the summer, but the BIGGEST news in the BF world is A BASSEST!! YES, that's right, it looks like we'll finally have the bassest we've been searching for for over a year!  His name is Zach, and he goes to Mike's church.  It's really seeming like things are going to work out....  But I'll still keep my fingers crossed.
Ed, Frontman

11  April, 2005:
Nothing Stays the Flame
Sorry for another long updateless spell, but we've not had alot going on with the band.  Wierd: we still haven't heard about the Talent Show.  Uh-oh.  Anyway, I think I'll put up some lyrics from songs soon, after they've been notorized, and with a loud disclaimer against theft, threatening legal action.  We've been playing alot "Bloody Useless Wars," AKA The Presidents Song.  It's the one we've worked on the most, and probably our best.
If you ever want to hear us, just ask Mike or Ed about when you can come to a practice and listen in.  We'll do anything to be heard.  Tell your friends.
Ed, Frontman

19  March, 2005:
Burning Up
Oh, man.  Over a month without an update.  A new BF record.  Although not has happened in that month, there have been some major developments in the past week or so.  We auditioned for the CV Talent Show this past Wednesday, and, although Ed was pretty nervous (causing us to go last, by request), we think we did pretty well, as Ed was able to get the first note of the song (a problem sometimes, esp. when nervous).  Ed will probably not get as nervous about performing in front of people anymore, since we have now, and not been booed.  It was just that first hump that was of concern.
Also, Ed finally bought an amp this Friday after school.  An Ibanez Ta-20 Troubadour.  He spent all of his birthday (March 17th, this past thursday) money, but it was worth it.  When he took it home, it wasn't sounding right, so, today, he took it and his J-45 Workhorse to the store, and they replaced his saddle.  Now he can really crank out BF songs.
Ed, Frontman

17  February, 2005:
I've Seen Flame And I've Seen Rain
Wow, this hasn't been updated in awhile.  Anyway, Ed's been working diligently on a few new songs, and the bassist we'd been considering has been nixed.   Mike will be skiing for the entire 4-day weekend in Vermont, leaving Ed to spend 96 hours on creating new material and reworking old.  We still need a bassist, and we're really not sure what to do at this point.  I really hope that, someday, people will be looking back at these updates and saying "man, think of that.  Can you believe they used be so close to giving up?  Wow.  If they had, millions of people would probably still be alive.  Shhhh!  Was that the Thought Police?!?!"
Ed, Frontman

29  January, 2005:
The Flame Gets Darker
Yesterday, Friday, January 28, 2005, Joe officially quit Beautiful Flame.  This was a blow to it, as he posesses a remarkable guitar talent.  The prospective bassist's prospect itself is slowly coming into question.  This may be the end.
Ed, Frontman

18  January, 2005:
'Terms for Flames
Midterms are being administered this week for the flame, so there was a shortened practice last Saturday.  The prospects for a new bassist are looking good, and a rendesvous is planned for tomorrow, before the second round of midterms can begin.  Ed has been working on a new song about the presidency, and Mike has been experimenting with pastel hues.
Ed, Frontman

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