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Press Pack

Contact information:
To contact beautiful flame, please E-Mail, and be sure to include the phrase "bfpk" in the subject line, and somewhere in the body of the E-Mail.  If you do not include "bfpk" in both of those places, our spam filter will automatically delete them.

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Beautiful Flame currently does not have any recordings completed, but songwriter Ed is currently chained to a guitar, pencil, and paper for 14 hours a day (when not at school) in a windowless dungeon, steadily building our stockpile of songs to unleash upon the doubt to screams of agony.  Any releases/recordings will be updated here as soon as they are planned.

Beautiful Flame consists of, in order of joining:
Ed; songwriting, guitar (acoustic), vocals
Mike; drums
Zach; bass
Individual pictures of band members, as well as photos
of Beautiful Flame as a whole are available upon request
in an 8X10 glossy format.

Copyright 2004-2006, Beautiful Flame (Ed, Mike, Zach)